Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Certificate pick-up

I travelled up to Nottingham this morning via train to collect from my grandparents' house the certificate from my second college course to prove that I passed Access to Higher Education; in addition to a certificate, the envelope also came with a list of my grades. While I already knew my grades, for how Access works, we receive a grade about two weeks after we hand in an assignment, a list of them to hand is extremely useful.

My grandparents and I spent some time together before I then headed back to Northamptonshire. On my bus from theirs back to Nottingham, I went to the outside of Central, with the intention of having a look at the place again before I left; however, I noticed three of the librarians exit the building and so I went over to say hello to them; they were pleased at my award and congratulated me for it. One of them and I chatted for about forty minutes before I had to return to the train station to ensure I was back before the buses local to my mother's house stopped running for the day.

Collecting my certificate, seeing my grandparents and talking to Central's librarians for a bit? Definitely an enjoyable day.

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