Friday, 12 August 2016

Access Student of the Year

This morning, I received in the mail a letter, which had been re-directed from my grandparents' house, informing me that I had been nominated for and won Central College Nottingham's award for Access Student of the Year.

As is to be expected, I am extremely pleased and grateful to have won. Two years ago, I had doubts about whether or not I could make it through Pre-Access - now, I'm an award-winning student! In addition, my History/Sociology teacher informed me the other day on an unrelated issue that there were about 200 Access students in the college - I managed to win out over all of them. Then again, I was one of the most visible students there while I was on Access..when it came to staff.I was known amongst all of the Access teachers, the librarians, the receptionists, the canteen crew, various support workers and the cleaners.

Still, I should not be big-headed. I credit my classmates for making me their class rep/president, which played a major part in making me a more a visible student around Central. I am also thankful for other - and smaller - extracurricular tasks that I was given the chance to perform over the course of the academic year, all of which contributed to my win and my enjoyment of my course.

The awards ceremony will take place in early November. I look forward to attending.

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