Sunday, 26 June 2016

Wasp on the bus

So I'm sat at the back of the bus, listening to my music through my earbuds and minding my own business when this wasp showed up and decided it would not only buzz near me but also land on my shoulder. I stood up and brushed it away...only for it to land on my shoulder again. Rinse, repeat. The only person at the back of the bus is a guy also listening to earbuds, who's wary of the wasp, too. I ask him if it's gone and he points to my shoulder.

This time, I jump up and move seats completely. The guy and I watched the wasp as it flew near to a window and then disappeared. At this point, a man with his two young daughters boarded the bus and they all sat at the back, behind me and the guy. And who should make a re-appearance?

The wasp is back! This resulted in some minor chaos as the two girls panicked about the wasp as their father tried to contain the insect somehow. By now, I had to leave the bus and don't know what ultimately happened beyond the fact that one of the girls jumped into my previous seat once I stood up.

When I told my grandfather this evening about the wasp, he said the one thing that's worse is being the driver and not being able to get away from an insect that stings. We on the bus would have been in trouble if the driver was being stung!

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