Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Bloggers Blog Party - March, April and May 2016

At long last, here are March and April 2016's Secret Life of Bloggers Blog Party posts, merged into one piece along with those from May of this year:


Saturday 5th March: This menacing black cloud lorded over Nottingham on this evening; I posted another picture of the cloud nearer to the time of its appearance.

Sunday 6th March: Various construction projects have been occurring in Hucknall recently; this one is near to the town centre.

Wednesday 9th March: This long hallway can be seen when someone enters a part of my college campus separate to the main building.

Friday 11th March: I rarely go inside the Nottingham Council House but sometimes when I do, I take a photograph to allow others to see its interior.

Saturday 12th March: I rode the TrentBarton 141 route for the first time; while it travels through various villages from Hucknall to Sutton, I departed the bus in Mansfield.

Sunday 13th March: Just a small of the centre of Derby, looking over the river towards the Jurys Inn.

Monday 14th March: These cupcakes were available in my college's canteen in the weeks leading up to Easter. They are delicious!

Saturday 19th March: In this room, I listened to a speech by a Nottingham Trent University lecturer about English. The lecturer appear after I took this photo; I wasn't on my phone while he was speaking, of course.

Tuesday 22nd March: The White Hat is a pub on the TrentBarton Black Cat route; this was my first journey on Black Cat.

Thursday 24th March: I received this free chocolate Creme Egg on my bus trip back from college.


Sunday 3rd April: I spotted this muddy area with a track through it in this field not far from my mother's house.

Friday 8th April: From a field near to the one in the previous picture, I photographed this sunset. I was careful to not directly point my phone at the Sun, even with the clouds surrounding it.

Thursday 14th April: I spotted this odd mug located in a random corner of my college; in particular, on the main stairwell. It was still there the next day but has since been removed.

Also on the 14th of April, I spotted these three ducks lying down near one of the main bus streets in Nottingham. Despite the noise of people and traffic, they appeared to be comfortable.

Friday 15th April: Chocolate rice cakes are not something I recall coming across until I noticed them in the Tesco inside the Victoria Centre.

Saturday 16th April: This is Skylink Express, which is one of TrentBarton's newest bus routes; I used it to travel to Clifton and was my first time on the link.

Sunday 17th April: Another view of an area near to the centre of Derby. Not a bad area to walk around, central Derby.

Also on this day, a view of a part of the market square in Bingham. I was there in the early evening on this day.

Saturday 23rd April: I thought this was a pretty neat name for a street; it's located in Calverton.

Sunday 24th April: A friend and I went to the pub on this afternoon and I ordered this chili dog, which was extremely tasty. I walked some of it off later in the day.

Saturday 30th April: The University of Nottingham is located near this major route; however, as NTU is the university I'll be attending, I won't be in this area.


Monday 2nd May: Jess Glynne is coming to Nottingham! A shame that I won't be attending her concert, however.

Wednesday 11th May: Billboards for the next Doom game by iD Software started to appear around Nottingham.

Saturday 14th May: This scenery, which includes a view of the Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station, was taken from a Red Arrow bus.

Monday 16th May: My college received some brand new chairs for its reception. I was present while the chairs were being installed.

Saturday 21st May: Joe's Kitchen is a restaurant that came to Nottingham during the improvements to/expansion of the Victoria Centre. I haven't yet eaten there, though; I like the sign.

Thursday 26th May: The "Periodic Table of Beer Styles" was something I encountered on this day.

Saturday 28th May: I recently learnt how enjoyable it can be to sit in the non-driver front seat of a bus. I usually sit on the first set of raised seats but on some buses I take this front seat, if possible. I think this was near Draycott but I'm not fully certain.


  1. I didn't know Doom was remade again until the other day. It's always been a rather overrated FPS either way

    1. I can't remember when and where I read it was being remade.

  2. Love the first photo and the one of the ducks! I'm using the first picture on my Halloween costume. :)