Wednesday, 6 March 2013

"Who's On Heart" 2013 update

It's been nearly a month since Debbie correctly guessed David Duchovny as one of the "Who's On Heart" 2013 voices, but other than Duchovny being confirmed as one of the three, no new developments have occurred in the contest. Jo Brand, Tom Daley and the Minogue sisters are still guessed occasionally, but not as much as they were at the time of my previous post on this subject. While I have been busier lately, I have still been able to listen to the contest and have not lost any interest in it.

On another note, I am surprised at how many views "The first answer to "Who's on Heart" 2013" has received. It has over a thousand views, making it my most seen post; other posts have gained more views because of it, too. I did not write the post with the sole purpose of getting those views, but nevertheless, I am grateful for them all!

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