Thursday, 21 March 2013

The O2 interior images

When I attended C2C: Country to Country, I photographed some parts of The O2's interior:

As can be seen here, the building is effectively a giant tent. This is one of the twelve towers that support the dome.

This is of an unused area of The O2. It might be used during other events, but as of this picture, it was empty; the openness of this section made it extremely cold and windy. The tent-like quality of The O2 is more present here.


  1. Can't wait to see more photos. You know what I realized? Your readers have never seen a photo of you. I used to get complaints about that all of the time on my blog so post one every once in a while. :)

    1. I want to post more pictures. :) That's another reason why I want the weather to improve here! :D

      As for a picture of me, that is something I have thought about. I'll send an e-mail to you abour this later. :)