Friday, 22 March 2013

Leicester and snow again

In the nearly three years my family and I have been back in the United Kingdom, I had not been to Leicester until a few days ago. This morning, I ended up going there again, or at least, I went through it.

Dad, my brother and I were driving up to Nottingham when we reached near-impassable snowfall on our route. Rather than continue on a road rendered dangerous by the weather, we opted to turn around and take another way to Nottingham. This safer route took us through Leicester, where we were stuck in a traffic jam for a period, but we made it to Nottingham safely. Leicester twice in a week!

As for the weather, the snow has returned...yet again...and it's nationwide! There have been torrential downpours in parts of the country, which have led to floods, while the snow has disrupted traffic and caused numerous accidents; we observed two cars in the ditch before we turned around. We are in spring now, but to look outside, you wouldn't know it. I won't be surprised if we have to shovel the driveway tomorrow.

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