Friday, 14 August 2015

Yet another douchebag-infused breakup

It's been well over a year and a half since I last posted about "douchey breakups"; as such, the time is ripe for my fifth post on this subject. The other day, I was watching a video by comedian and YouTuber IISuperwomanII:

At about 6:03, IISuperwomanII reads out the following question: "My boyfriend broke up with me today over a text message that said, 'Wanna see a magic trick? Poof! You're single.' What should I do now?"

As detestable as that text message was, I ended up laughing out loud at the absurdity of it even though I knew it was wrong to do so. Seriously...a magic trick? IISuperwomanII's advice was akin to, "don't bother with him" and she referred to the guy as a "joke"; I agree with her! It is a douchey manner in which to terminate a romantic relationship.

While this method is merely the "Text Message Breakup", the ridiculousness of the person conducting the breakup warranted a blog post. My other blog posts about this matter are here: (1), (2), (3), (4).


  1. I made it to 4 minutes.
    The funniest thing about this post is you saying douchebag.

  2. My 2nd ex broke up with me over AIM. Remember AOL Instant Messenger? Yeah... and during that breakup IM he demanded I get medicated. I don't think there was any wit to it at all - it was pretty nasty. Now that is douchebaggery.

    And he didn't even return some of the stuff I lent him. I gave him back the stuff he lent and gave me. >_<

    1. Makes the "magic trick" seem tame by comparison. :/

    2. Yeah... when people complain about tame breakups... I just sigh and wish I had tame ones.

      The first one was just as bad... sans him suggested I get medicated ASAP. He ghosted and finally after 5 days, he broke up with me over the phone.

      I dated two bloody twits.