Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Second enrolment

It is all done: I am now officially enrolled for my second course at college. I travelled up to Nottingham this morning on the train, underwent the enrolment process (some form filling, handing those forms in and then being issued a new student ID) and, voila! That was it. My Sociology teacher, the curriculum manager, my English teacher and soon-to-be Psychology teacher all congratulated me on my results from the past academic year.

After enrolment, I met up with one of my college friends to have lunch and then for a drink together to celebrate our results and completion of our previous course. We last saw each other a third the way into July, so it was great to have an afternoon-based catchup.

I am delighted to have successfully been enrolled again into my college. I look forward to the next academic year there. My course begins on the 7th of September.


  1. That's awesome that everyone recognized the great work you did last term and congratulated you! Lunch and a drink with a friend sounds like the perfect way to celebrate both last term's success and getting signed up for next term. Sept. 7th will be here so soon, exciting!!

    1. I also received an e-mail from my Employability teacher congratulating me on my results. :) I agree - celebrating with a friend was awesome!

  2. Your fist day is a holiday here. :)

  3. Replies
    1. I don't know - a fist day might be interesting. :P