Sunday, 13 August 2017

Just say no to Nazis

As a result of the recent neo-Nazi protect in Virginia, there have been people saying that perhaps Nazis need to be reasoned with, talked to...given a platform to present their views so that they can be debated and refuted. Treated with respect!

Just, two...problems with that - we already know what Nazi views are and they've already been refuted. Need proof? Look up World War II and Nazi Germany; for anyone who wants to hear Nazis "give their side of the story", those two subjects will provide all the information needed.


  1. It's shameful how many "Americans" are defending literal nazis. Trumpsters started posting an fake image of the car that hit the protesters belonged to a liberal.

    Just like when the mosque attack happened in Canada, the right wing claimed it was a muslim.

    both were right-wing Christians. Imagine that.

    1. It's horrible - Nazis should not be defended and that shouldn't be controversial view.