Monday, 5 June 2017

Upcoming 2017 general election post

I have started work on a post that will explain my voting intentions for Thursday's general election. I shall be writing it from the perspective of why I think my preferred candidate is qualified, rather than a rant about how much the other side sucks. It's an explanation with possible gentle persuasion, not an attack piece.


  1. Even though I really shouldn't care since I don't live in the UK, esepecially as May isn't nearly as bad as Orange Hitler or France's Le Pen, I do hope she loses but I rather doubt it.

    I know Labour always needed support from Scotland but I know the SNP took most of Scotland's seats. I hear multi-party partnerships are not nearly as popular in the UK and Canada as they are in other European nations.

    1. Depends...many here would argue she is worse than Le Pen and not much better than Drumpf. There have been a lot of cuts here - the sort of cuts that Republicans dream about.

      Scottish votes helped Labour secure a majority in 2005 but 1997 and 2001 could have been won by Labour without them. The SNP hasn't help, though, so I agree there.