Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Seeing relatives

For the first time since the day I returned to Nottingham in September, I had an in-person conversation with relatives - my grandparents! In the late afternoon, I travelled to their house on the bus (which coincided with my bus friend being on board, which was a bonus) and spent the evening and dinner with them. In addition to seeing them, I had a few items from theirs that I wanted to collect.

This past month is so far the longest I've spent without seeing any relatives. Before October 2016, the last time I went without seeing any was the time I spent in Poland back in February.


  1. That's awesome that you've been so fortunate during you life to spend so much time with your relatives. I regularly go months without seeing my immediate family and years without seeing my grandparent/cousins/aunts and uncles. I wish it were more frequent though.

    1. I do appreciate that not everyone can see their family often or even at all, so from some perspectives I have indeed been lucky.