Saturday, 5 November 2016

Access Student of the Year - the awards ceremony

Back in August, I received a letter that informed me that I had been nominated for and won Central's award for Access Student of the Year. Today, I received that award.

My History/Sociology teacher was my primary nominator and she was allowed to go as a result. In addition, I was allowed two guests and so I had invited my Employability teacher from Pre-Access and one of the librarians. The three of us had arranged to meet outside Central in the morning to then walk up to the Albert Hall, where the ceremony was taking place.

The ceremony itself consisted of about 30 Further Education students (FE; the group I was in at Central) and a larger group of Higher Education who had been working on degrees at Central. All the FE students were award winners and so we each received a certificate of what we'd won in our respective categories as well as were given a small speech about why we had won in the first place. The speech about me emphasised my never missing a lesson, my kindness, helpfulness and popularity amongst the staff and fellow students.

Afterwards, multiple group photographs were taken, in addition to official individual photographs being taken, too. My Employability teacher purchased as a gift the picture of me that was captured when I was up on stage receiving my award. Her just being there was a delight in itself - the picture she bought was an expected and welcome bonus.

If I had been told two years ago that I'd win an award for my time at Central, I wouldn't have believed whoever would have told me. This award means so much to me, as I deeply enjoyed my time at Central and it vastly made me a better person; this award honours my achievements there. That being said, I would not have won Access Student of the Year without excellent people around me and so I dedicate it to anyone who helped me along my journey at Central, no matter how small.