Tuesday, 5 September 2017

"Yesterday, When I Was Mad" - Pet Shop Boys

Time for a song that I have loved since the 1990s:

It's "Yesterday, When I Was Mad" by the Pet Shop Boys, taken from their album Very. This version of "Yesterday, When I Wad Mad" is the album version of the song, for the video version is significantly different in sound:

It wasn't until 2005 when Dad, my brother and I heard the video version but we'd all heard the album version many years before then. We used to play Very a lot when we lived at our second house in California, quite often when certain friends were over to visit.

"Yesterday, When I Was Mad" it not only one of my favourite Pet Shop Boys songs but also remains one of my favourite songs overall. Very itself is probably my favourite album overall, given that I have highly positive impressions of every one of the songs it contains.

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