Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Transgenders in the military

He's at it again, now going after trans-people who serve in the United States military:

Oh, what can I say - those of us who were paying attention knew that the current president isn't pro-LGBT and it's doubtful that many of his supporters would have backed him for his pro-LGBT stances. The excuse for barring transgender people - that they cost too much - is utter nonsense; scaling back involvement in conflicts abroad would reduce the military budget far more than kicking out transgender people.

If any of the people cheering this ban were to find themselves in the position of needing help from a member of the military, they'd still take the help even if said member were transgender.


  1. I still find it ironic that a draft dodger of all people is pulling this crap

    1. My problem with draft dodgers is that many of them seem to be warmongers. If they were against war it would be fine but they seem to love it provided that other people go out to fight.